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With the recent freeze the bite on Lake Travis has slowed down a bit. I've still been catching some good fish, but I've had to work a little harder, change baits more frequently and fish deeper. 


This report has 5 pins plus a 6th Bonuse Pin! I've included several different kinds of spots to show you multiple patterns that are working depending on the conditions. Finesse baits out deep have produced fish, but you can also get bit one moving baits like crankbaits around the grass. I recommend a run & gun approach to the lake right now. If you fish a spot for a solid half hour and don't get bit keep moving. Once you find some fish though, slow down and really work them over with multiple casts and multiple baits. 


As always, each report contains the EXACT locations where I am catching fish, the bait, the colors, and how I recommend presenting each lure. 

January 25, 2024 - Lake Travis Honey Hole Report

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