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This week I have a KILLER report for y'all for Fayette County Reservoir! If you're not familiar with the lake, its a small power plant lake about an hour east of Austin. It's one of my favorite lakes around, especially for offshore fishing, which is one of my favorite ways to catch them. If you have not been out here, it's rural and is a beautiful part of Texas, I highly recommend it. 


My last trip out here with some friends produced over 45 bass, with out best 5 going 26+ LBS. It was a phenomenal day!


Normally my reports are $14.99. I am pricing this one a little higher, but trust me it's well worth it. This report contains 5 pins with the EXACT GPS coordiates for every spot.


This report contains, pond dams, house foundations, a brush pile, and a offshore shell bed. These spots will produce all summer, not just the next two weeks. (I will not be discounting this report after a week like my normal reports) I guarentee you'll catch fish off these spots, and I'll save you hours of time ideling around looking for fish. These are NOT community holes, these are spots I found after hours of graphing with my electronics. This report will not only give you the exact spots I recommend, but also the exact baits and colors I recommend throwing. 

June 1, 2023 - Fayette County Reservoir Honey Hole Report

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