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Water temps are up on Lake Travis, I've seen them as high as the low 80's. With this warmer water the fishing isn't the "easy fishing" where you can run any stretch of rock or grass and get bit. This report has 5 really good pins that have put my clients on some good fish this past week. All pins are on the lower end of the lake. I know a lot of yall are probably launching up river, but if you're getting out there to make a day of it I think its worth the gas to run to the lower end of the lake. 


Pin #1 has produced dozens of fish up to 4 pounds for my clients this past week. It also includes the exact GPS coords right out of my Garmin where I found a big school of bass supending over the grass chasing shad to the surface. 

May 30, 2024 - Lake Travis Honey Hole Report

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$7.50Sale Price
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