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Football jigs

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You can now order my custom football jigs online! 

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One of my favorite baits is a football jig. The majority of BIG bass I have caught throughout my fishing career have come off a jig. I am very picky about tackle and refuse to fish with cheap hooks. Most jigs you buy at the store are either very expensive or are cheaply made, there is no in between. I started making my own jigs in order to use the brands of hooks I like and create the colors I want.


Every jig I make is poured with a high quality name brand black nickel hook. Nothing makes me more angry than losing a fish to a bent out hook. A lot of major tackle brands use cheap Chinese hooks. They look good in the packaging, however, they are brittle, rust quickly, or bend out easily. All my jigs are hand wire tied with copper wire rather than cheap rubber bands in order to ensure the skirt will never come off. I also pour each jig with a wire bait keeper rather than a lead barb to ensure your plastic trailer is solidly attached to the jig. 

During various times of year I set crawfish traps in Lake Travis to catch crawfish and photograph what colors they are. Throughout the year and in different areas of the lake, their colors will differ. This is how I come up with the skirt colors I tie. The jigs you are ordering are the same jigs I fish in tournaments and give to my clients.

Each jig you order is meticulously poured and assembled by yours truly. By buying these jigs you are supporting me and my wife, and not some major tackle company. I guarantee this will be one of the highest quality jigs you have ever fished with. 

- Capt. Tyler Torwick 

Please visit the link below to shop my online tackle shop! 

Torwick's Custom Jigs

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