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A Little Largemouth Action!

I've been busy fishing and have been a little behind on reports. However I am happy to say with summer starting to come to an end the fish are just now beginning to show signs of moving into their pre-fall patterns.

Last week I had a great group out, a family from here in Austin, who's grandfather was visiting from up north. He is an avid angler and wanted to introduce his family to fishing. We set out on a morning half day fishing trip on Lake Travis targeting largemouth.

With the exception of the grandfather, everyone in the group was fairly new to fishing. Not to worry, I'm great at catering trips to novice angler just starting out. I like to spend ample time showing you how to cast, how to retrieve the lure, how to move the rod tip to impart the best action to the lure, and how to fight the fish.

I am also excited to say I just received another shipment of BRAND NEW Dobyn's spinning rods!!! Spinning rods are by far the easiest thing to learn on, but also lends itself to a lot of finesse techniques. These new rods are NICE! I would be willing to put money on them in a blind side by side test with a G Loomis rod.

These new rods helped greatly as the majority of our fish were caught on the dropshot and Texas rigged Senkos. The fish right now are still deep for the most part, but I have started catching a decent amount relatively shallow.

Now is a great time to get out there and practice your casting accuracy. Look for isolate cover... things such as large boulders, brush piles off on their own, a long bank with only one or two docks on it, etc. The fishing is fun right now!

If you are looking for a fishing guide in Austin, Texas give me a call! Lake Travis is only minutes away from Bee Cave, Lakeway, Volente, Cedar Park, and only 25 minutes from Downtown Austin. Spend the day relaxing on the water away from the busy city, while learning a thing or two about fishing!

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