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Lake Travis is still putting out some good bass!

Lake Travis fishing guide

Lake Travis has been fishing surprisingly well! Typically when the weather gets really hot those fish move out to deep water. Awesome fishing trips are still common, but you have to work for the fish a little more. When they are schooling around marinas and docks its pretty easy to throw swimbaits and load the boats.

Right now that 15-25' range has been the best for finding fish! When the water gets warm on Lake Travis the fish move deep to find that cooler water that holds more dissolved oxygen. Look for areas that are holding bait fish but are close to deep water. Schools of shad are prime, but even areas holding bluegill are perfect to find big bass.

Rocky ledges has been the ticket lately and have been holding the bigger fish. My last trip on Travis produced another 5 pounder! We also had good numbers. We never loaded the boat off one particular spot, it was just a steady pick throughout the day.

If you are in town visiting, I highly recommend you spend a day out on the water. Even if you don't hire a guide, spend some time doing a little fishing. Lake Travis is one of the prettiest lakes in the area by far.

Right now my top three baits are...

1. Drop shot with a red bug trick worm. 1/4 or 3/8th ounce weight depending on depth

2. Green pumpkin senko rigged wacky style with a small nail weight in the tail. A very small lead weight will help you fish it a little deeper, but don't use a whole nail weight, it will kill the action.

3. A small flipping jig with a craw trailer. A big jig will still get bit, but you'll get more bites on a compact finesse jig

If you are looking for a fishing guide in Austin, give me a shout! Lake Travis is fishing really well right now!

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