May Fishing Report- Lake Travis

May 17, 2019


I've been super busy lately and WAYYYY behind on fishing reports! I've been guiding a ton lately and keep forgetting to make the time to write some up. It's definitely not from a lack of fish! haha 


I've been out on Lake Travis the most and the fishing has been very good. Right now the shad are spawning, if you get out there super early at first light look for those wind blown banks and watch the surface for shad breaking the water and leaving little ripples. 


For the early morning bite I would recommend a white Zara spook, a pop r or a fluke. Stick with natural shad colors and you will get bit. 


I have also been finding good size schools of fish on offshore points and ledges. Use your electronics and do a quick scan of the area and look for fish up off the bottom. If you find schools of bait in the area even better! Before 10 AM I've also been finding bass hitting the surface chasing shad out of the water. If you see that reel up quick and fire in a cast as close to the bass as you can. Most of the time if you are quick enough you will get bit. 



Keitech Easy shiners and Alabama rigs are perfect for covering water and locating those nomadic fish. Another tip... if you graph fish in a certain spot but don't catch any, keep fan casting the area. If you still don't catch any graph the area again. Typically the bass will still be there but may have moved off the first spot you found them. This time of year they are very focused on eating shad so they are constantly on the move. Most of the fish you will catch right now have fat bellies and are spitting up shad. 


The big fish have also been coming out to play in addition to good numbers of you typical Lake Travis sized bass. 


If you are looking for an Austin fishing guide give me a call! I would love to get you out on the lake and put you and your friends on some fish! 

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