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Austin Bass Fishing Report - Lake Travis - February 24, 2024

Lake Travis Fishing Report - Brought to you by Torwick's Guiding Service! Austin, TX's #1 rated professional fishing guide

Spring fishing on Lake Travis has officially kicked off! I actually caught my first bed fish of the season off of a nest yesterday. Currently water temps on Lake Travis range from about 58-63 degrees depending on location or how far back in the coves you go. With the water temps slowly increasing the the recent full moon you can expect more fish to be pulling up on the bank to spawn over the next week. Keep in mind though that the spawn lasts for a few months. The bulk of the fish will spawn in March, but you'll find fish on beds all the way into May.

My recent trips have been tearing them up! Catch 20+ fish is pretty consistent... if you know where to look. I know that sounds dumb, but seriously, my biggest tip right now is if you get on a spot you think looks good but you don't catch a couple fish within 15 minutes keep moving. The bass are pulling up out of their winter spots and switching to pre-spawn patterns. The areas around the mouths of coves, shallow banks with rock or grass, and points near spawning areas will generally hold fish. However, they definitely prefer some spots over others, typically wind direction is a big factor as these fish are feeding on baitfish before they spawn. Looking for wind blown banks is always a good idea. Like I said, if you don't get bit within 15 minutes of fishing keep on trucking!

As far as baits, my Honey Hole Reports will tell all about what I'm catching them on. Small swimbaits and crankbaits that resemble a shad will get bit. I've also found areas that are stacked up with fish, but they are glued to the bottom. Often times I won't see them on the sonar until I run a swimbait by them and get them to come up. If you see this behavior follow up with a Texas rig or dropshot... something you can fish slower with and get down to the bottom.

In addition to catching a lot of fish, we've also been hooking into some bigger fish! Those pre-spawn females will be at their largest this time of year before they lay their eggs. With the lake warming up, but not warm enough for the wakeboarders to be on the lake, NOW is the perfect time to book a trip. Most weekdays I still have the lake to myself. Whether you fish a lot and want to target bigger fish and learn while you do it, or you want to introduce a young angler to the sport of fishing, book now. The conditions over the next couple of weeks are the kind where I launch the boat and just know we're going to catch them. Don't get me wrong, no matter the time of year I'm guiding I'll work my tail off to put my clients on fish, but right now the fish are hungry and I know exactly how to catch them.

March and April tend to be my busiest months of the year. I recently had an influx of bookings, but most of them were PM trips surprisingly. Most of the time my morning trips are most in demand. So with that said I still have quite a few openings for fishing during the prime time of the year!

If you have any questions or special accommodations don't hesitate to reach out through the contact form on the homepage of my website, or give me a call!


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