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September 2021 Fishing Report- Lake Travis, TX

I'm excited to finally say fall is right around the corner and those evening air temps are going to finally start dropping a bit. Now let's not get too carried away... this is Texas after all! It'll stay hot for a bit longer, but with the passing of Labor Day, that means the fall transition bite is right around the corner. Spring time fishing is my favorite, but the fall bite is a close second! During the fall the fish begin feeding up for winter and get more aggressive than they have been during the summer. The end of September all the way through November is historically been great fishing on Lake Travis. If you want to throw swim jigs, crankbaits, A rigs, and fluke, start planning your trip now! I book up in advance, so if you have a particular date in mind you want to fish, consider booking in advance!

For now though, let's focus on the current lake conditions and give you some info that you can use if you are getting out on the lake this week. Currently Lake Travis is close to 17 feet low, as of late the lake has been dropping 8-10 inches a week. This is pretty typical of this time of year, so don't freak out! The lake is still 75% full. Water temps are around 86 degrees on the surface with clarity anywhere between 6-10 foot visibility. If you are new to Lake Travis please keep in mind there is a big difference in water clarity between the lower end of the lake and the upper end up the lake closer to the Pedernales River. The lower area near the dam can often be even clearer than 10 foot visibility.