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Lake Travis & Lake Decker Fishing Spots

Purchase a Honey Hole Report

Lake Travis & Lake Decker Honey Hole Report

Each Thursday at 6:00PM a new Lake Travis and Lake Decker (aka Walter E. Long Lake) "honey hole" fishing report is uploaded. These honey hole reports give you EXACT locations where I have been catching largemouth bass. I guide full time and fish Lake Travis and Lake Decker about 300 days a year and am on the lake more than any other local fishing guide. For less than a couple gallons of gas I will give you current spots that are producing fish, and most importantly, the pattern that is working. Save yourself the time of fishing dead water and burning fuel looking for fish and purchase one of my honey hole reports! 

With the purchase of each report you will get 5+ pins on Google Earth showing you exactly where to go. You will also receive a written description explaining each spot. I will cover how to fish each spot, baits to throw, colors to use, conditions to look for, boat positioning, etc. I am an open book with these paid reports and hold nothing back about what is working and where I am catching fish! 

After completing your purchase you will receive a link to download the honey hole report. Once downloaded and unzipped you will receive a .KML file. You will need to download Google Earth Pro (free to download) to your desktop computer or smart phone to open the file. I have created detailed easy to follow tutorials on how to open your report on both desktop and mobile. See links below. 

Reports are uploaded Thursday's at 6PM and are $14.99. Old reports are discounted after a week. These reports aren't as fresh, but patterns typically last for several weeks, and these reports contain some very useful information. 

Visit the link below for instructions on how to open your report on a mobile device
Link to Mobile Device Tutorial
Visit the link below for instructions on how to open your report on a desktop computer.
Link to Desktop Computer Tutorial

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