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Snakes on a Boat?!

Look closely... that ain't no Gambler Lures plastic snake! (If you know the species please feel free to comment) We had an unwelcome visitor today on Lake Travis. While fishing in a cove this not so little guy decided to make himself comfortable underneath my Yamaha. Eventually he swam off but not for a good hour and a couple mile run down river.

Today I had the pleasure of guiding two gentlemen from the Dominican Republic here in Austin on work. The day started out chasing some schooling fish. I was showing one of my clients how to work the swimbait tied on and first cast... Bam! Fish on!

After the bite slowed we moved on to a few more bluff walls and brush piles of mine. This is when I started to figure out the pattern. The fish were up in the water column and were hitting topwater even when the water was 50+ feet deep under them.

We ended up catching a bunch of fish including these two big ones. If you have been thinking about hiring a fishing guide now is the time! Get on the water, the fish are biting and the weather has been great.

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