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I Won with 16.5 LBS Fishing Solo!

If you've every looked at my calendar you'll notice every Tuesday evening is book as unavailable. That is because the central Texas tournament trail Texas Tournament Zone aka TTZ holds a Tuesday night tournament on Lake Travis. The tournaments of from 6:30PM to 10:00PM. I enter them every week without exception! Typically there is anywhere between 40-70 angler consisting of weekend warriors, local sticks, other guides, and occasionally a pro or two.

This last Tuesday my usual fishing partners were unable to fish. So I entered it solo (ok some credit goes to my Great Dane Skeeter who came with). It was one of those evenings where the right fish bit and I fished clean. I only lost one fish, but it didn't feel that big anyways.

For those of you who read my reports, I appreciate it and will let you in on how I'm catching them. I get asked a lot what they bit on and where, and I am usually pretty vague. On Monday I was out practicing and checked a few brush piles of mine and started catching them. This keyed me into the deep bite and gave me ideas for Tuesday.

On Tuesday I made a long run up river to fish a few deep ledges and secondary points. I was marking fish in about 30-40 feet of water. I throw a Strike King 10XD on a Dobyns 805CB with Seaguar 12lbs InvizX. Throw whatever brands you like, but the 12lbs test is important. You have to be careful to not cast off that big plug, but heavier line will not get down as deep due to the thicker line diameter. I run that crank bait as deep as I can get it and let that bill grind into the bottom. Make frequent pauses and rips with the retrieve to try and trigger a bite.

My big fish went 6.09 lbs with another 5 pounder to accompany it. My best 5 went 16.5 lbs and was good enough for the win!

If you've been looking for a fishing guide in Austin and want to learn how to fish deep, give me a call! Lake Travis holds a lot of good fish, but the big ones live deep. Ledges, deep points, rock piles, etc all hold fish during the summer. Learning how to effectively fish them can be tough, but I can help you shorten that learning curve. Give me a call and book a trip today!

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