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Giant Guad

A little late with this post, but I caught this last Tuesday while fishing the TTZ Tuesday nighter. I was fishing with my friend Jake and ended up catching a solid limit, but we were never able to find the kicker. We ended up in 6th place with around ten pounds.

The highlight of the trip though was this Guadalupe bass. Also referred to as "Guads" they are special since they are the state fish of Texas and are not found in too many bodies of water that aren't close to the Austin area. They do not grow very large... the catch and release record is only 16.75 inches. This was my personal best Guad at just over 16.25 inches. They fight hard and are also great to eat... but this guy was lucky and was spared from the grease to fight another day.

The fishing is still great! Schoolers are still popping up around Lake Travis on the lower end and larger fish have moved offshore. If you would like to hire a fishing guide on Lake Travis who can teach you how to utilize your electronics to find them, give me a call of contact me through the website!

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