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Time to Go Deep!

I had a great trip today on Lake Travis with a father and his daughter who was in Austin visiting. We started the trip out making a long up river. I have been on a school of fish around some marinas, but every day they get harder and harder to catch. You can see them busting but they are picky. We've had some success with small jigging spoons fished fast.

The day really picked up when we got on a deep bite. I found another large school of fish last week offshore that was still there. It was text book... I made two passes over the school with my Humminbird and explained to my clients what we were looking at. The Mega imaging made those little dots stand right out on the screen and it was game on. I showed my clients how to position the boat and keep yourself positioned to make effective casts. First cast with a deep diving plug caught us a nice 2 pounder! That's all it took to get the school fired up and we caught about 15 fish off that one spot in about an hour.

Baits to try: early in the morning try a translucent jerkbait fished fast, a silver jigging spoon with feather trebles also has been working. Later in the day a ned rig, a Carolina rig with a watermelon fluke, a watermelon or tomato trickwork, or a 10XD has been getting bit!

If you want to learn how to fish offshore using your electronics, give me a call! You won't find a guide on Lake Travis that has a better set up than me. I run two Lowrance HDS units networked with a NMEA 2000 network with a Point 1 antenna and heading sensor. The sensor makes it easy to know exactly where you are facing and where to cast. I also run a dual mount on my console with a brand new Humminbird Helix 10 with MEGA Imaging.... you can't beat the mega imaging for downscan and side scan. Now is the time to put in the work and better your skills fishing offshore. Those fish get less pressure and tend to yield bigger fish. Give me a call today if you would like to book a trip with the best fishing guide on Lake Travis!

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