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Lake Travis Striper Bite is On!

While my specialty is catching Largemouth Bass, I have been known to hook a Striper or two! If you keep up with my reports, you know I've been on some good Striper fishing on Lake Travis. I took an fraternity brother of mine out last night to see if we could find a few. Needless to say Lake Travis didn't disappoint!

If you're out there on your own, keep your eyes on that graph! When you see a school come through drop down some live bait! I rigged my buddy up with a Carolina rig and a 3/4 oz egg sinker with a 2/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook. We marked several big fish down around the 30-40 foot depth and dropped down accordingly. As soon as the sun went down we hooked a big one! David caught his new PB... lbs 1oz!

We fished the rest of the night and caught several white bass, some more largemouth, and hooked one more striper but broke it off.

Take a look at this pic of my Lowrance. You will see a marina cable giving off a strong return at the 55' mark. Don't let things like that confuse you as being fish! At the 35' mark you can see a Striper moving up in the water column. Its returns like that that you are looking for and want to drop a bait on. Don't keep your bait at one depth constantly, change them up depending on where you are marking fish!

If you would like to learn how to better use your electronics, how to get on these fish, or just to reel one in yourself... give me a call or hit that book online button!

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