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When Mom Out Fishes the Kids!

I recently had a client book a trip for herself and her two kids. She was in Austin from San Diego, CA looking at houses here! After getting done with her Realtor they joined me for an evening trip on Lake Travis.

The trip started off a little slow, as one of the schools I found didn't want to cooperate. We caught a few out of it, but not enough to keep three people busy.

Once the sun went down its like someone flipped a switch, the fish were on the chew! We started fishing some lighted docks with drop shots and dropper loops with live minnows. We had a blast! Kristine ended up taking the big fish award for the night with a solid albs 13oz largemouth bass!

Check out the awesome review Kristine left me on Yelp! -->

I also accomplished quite the feat... I got a 13 year old girl who would rather be doing anything other than fishing, to catch a bass!

We had a fun time, and they were an awesome group to take out on the lake. PM trips are my personal favorite, you have the lake to yourself, theres no boat traffic, and the big fish come out to play!

If you have been looking for a professional fishing guide for Lake Travis, give me a call and I'll put you on some fish!

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