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Another Epic Night of Striper Fishing on Lake Travis

Huge Lake Travis Striper- 16.5lbs

Last night the bite was on! We started the trip out at 8am with my client Lee and his two sons. We ran a little ways to a spot of mine and set up with bobbers and meal worms. I mention this since bait is of the utmost importance. Minnow, shiners, and goldfish all will work, but live bluegill is like crack to Stripers.

I have not been able to cast net any large enough bluegill, therefore catching them during the trip off lights with a small hook and worm has been the best bet. Not to mention, I love catching bluegill... I don't care how old you are its just downright fun!

The bite was very similar to Saturday's trip, I graphed the area I have been finding schools and sure enough they were there. I have found though that there is a window in the evening that they bite best. Too early or too late and you'll sit there for a while with no bites. What time is best you ask?.... click the "book online" button above and I'll tell ya! ;)

Depth has been important too, most of the fish have been around the 60 foot mark. However, Yoshi caught this one pictured above in only 20 feet of water, so my advice to you is let your sonar tell you where you need to be.

This was the big fish of the trip. My client lee caught it on 15 pound test, and snapped a quick picture of me with it when I pulled it out of the net. It is the largest Striper I have ever had in the boat!!! It tipped the scale at 16.5 LBS. A monster for Lake Travis!

I expect this bite to last a little while longer since Lake Travis is fishing very well right now! If you would like the shot at a fish of a life time give me a call or book through the website! Trips for Striper will run 8pm-12pm rather than the usual time, since the bite is best when it gets dark.

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