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Another Lake Travis Giant

Last night I took out a family on Lake Travis to chase Striper again. The pattern has been very much the same... Look for them with your electronics and drop a bait on their head! Obviously there is a little more too it and I have a few tricks... but that's what you get for the price of admission. haha

Anyways, the bite was actually very tough to start with. What I have found is that the Striper will move into the spots I am fishing for them at but not at the same time every evening. This leaves me chasing them around graphing a lot. Finally, a lot later in the night that I would have liked, I found a big school of them. We lost a couple, but boated 4 with the big fish going 16.8 LBS.

The night bite is the most fun right now! The weather is cooler, less boat traffic, and good fishing! If you're thinking about hiring a fishing guide in Austin to fish Lake Travis give me a call!

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