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Big Striper Still Biting!

I have been working hard lately to figure out the Lake Travis Striper population. Travis is a very under utilized Striped Bass fishery in my opinion. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stocks thousands of Striper fingerlings every year into the lake, yet you hardly ever hear of anyone fishing for them. Why is that?

My guess is that not a lot of people know how to catch them. Lake like Buchanan aren't as deep, have more recognizable structure, and there are numerous guides that target them. I think there is a lot of information out there on how to fish for them which makes it easier for the average angler to learn how to catch them. I am active on a lot of fishing forums and groups and I hardly ever see reports for Striper. Typically when someone posts about them its because they caught one as by catch while bass fishing.

I think this is good and bad... I have heard that the state is considering stopping stockings on Lake Travis. If you have been fishing and caught some, please let them know! It would be terrible if they quit stocking efforts simply because they don't think any recreational fishermen are enjoying them. The good... no one is fishing for them! Yes its a catch 22 but this means they are not heavily pressured and once you know how to catch them, its not hard.

Last night I took my girlfriend out to scout around and see if we could catch a few. Sure enough, after catching bait I found some massive schools of fish. It literally took 60 seconds from the first drop to hook up! The bite slowed down later in the night, but the grade of fish in the lake is incredible. I am not even joking when I say I have NEVER caught a Lake Travis Striper that wasn't keeper size. (18 inches) The smallest fish we usually catch is at least 5 lbs. Rachel caught her PB last night... over 10 LBS!

If you would like to learn how I am catching these fish, or just want to fight the hardest fighting fish in the lake, give me a call! I am confident the fish will stay around for a while. Send me an email and I will let you know the date I think will be the best fishing. Barometric pressure, moon phases, and tides (even though its freshwater, there is still a gravitational pull) all have an affect on these fish. I am one of few fishing guides in Austin that target Striper on Lake Travis! Let me put you on some fish!

Book a trip now while the weather is nice and the fishing is good!

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