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Striper Fishing Still Going!

So I've been a little behind on reports, last week I had 8 trips booked! No time to write reports! The fishing however has still been good!

Lake Travis Striped Bass aka Striper

Earlier this week I had a group of coworkers out to chase some Striper. If you would like to know some more about how to target them on Lake Travis, check out my past posts. I go into greater depth about fishing for them, the bait to use, and how to rig your bait.

Anyways, the bite was a lot later than usual. We were marking fish here and there but the schools of Striped bass weren't getting active until around 10:30pm. Once the fish started chewing it was game on and made for an awesome trip!

Lake Travis Fishing Guide- Client with Striper

I've said it before, but if you are going out after these fish on your own, please know they are a schooling fish. They are nomadic and roam the lake looking for food. You DON'T need to park your boat RIGHT NEXT to me! haha I'm looking at you little aluminum john boat with four people in it.... dang near drifted over my lines and claimed "you thought you would drift the other way"... you mean like into the wind???

If y'all are out there don't be afraid to say hi or ask questions! I don't care if people get close if they are friendly and ask, just don't be a moron. haha I see Jason out there in his sweet Bluewave all the time, super cool guy and we fish near each other often with no issues. Just be mindful of the other anglers around you!

If you would like to try bass fishing here in Austin or would like to tug on a Lake Travis Striper give me a shout! I have a couple open days this week still!

Tight lines!

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