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Zombie Bass!... no really

Lake Travis Striper

A few days ago I had a client catch a Striper on Lake Travis like I have never seen. This poor fish was covered in open wounds and was bleeding all over! It fought strong and swam off strong, so it don't appear to be weak. However it either had some kind of disease or been in some kind of altercation.

If you have any idea what caused this please email me, I would love to hear from you. I have never caught a bass that had anything like this on it. Both sides of its body were like this! We didn't catch it anywhere near rocks, since someone suggested it may have brushed up against some Zebra mussels.

No idea, but it it was one gross fish! I didn't even want to bring it in the boat! haha

With that said, we don't always catch Zombie bass! If you are in Austin and would like to go fishing give me a shout. I am the only fishing guide targeting these fish right now, and the fishing has been good! Lake Travis is a great fishery and has some big ones in it. Head over the the book online tab if you would like to book a fishing trip with me!

Tight Lines!

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