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Another Huge Lake Travis Guad!

Lake Travis Guad Bass

This past Tuesday I entered the TTZ Tuesday night tournament. The fishing has been really good lately. The last two weeks I have put up a solid limit fishing by myself, but that one big kicker fish keeps eluding me!

This week one of my keeper bass was a massive Guadalupe bass. For those of you who don't know, the Guadalupe bass is the state fish of Texas. They are native to the Colorado river, Guadalupe River, and a few other area of central Texas. They resemble a Spotted bass or a Kentucky bass crossed with a Smallmouth. They are agressive little suckers but don't grown to be huge. Lake Travis happens to be full of them!

Lake Travis Bass

Anyways, the one I caught weighed in at 1.90 LBS and 16 7/8th inches. I was pretty happy with it to say the least!

Lake Travis Guadalupe Bass

Right now Lake Travis is fishing really well, the bass fishing has picked up significantly and my morning AM trips are producing big numbers. My PM trips are producing the bigger fish though... but its one of those deals where the morning trips still stick a big one every once and a while! My clients who are a bit more skilled that are able to fish a jig or a Texas rig are doing better. I teach a lot of my rookie clients how to use a drop shot and a ned rig since its a proven fish catcher... you will catch a lot of fish, but you will end up catching quite a few dinks in the process. Its still a blast though!

If you want to get out there, just give me a call. With summer winding down I have quite a few open dates coming up.

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