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Big Lake Travis Striper!

Lake Travis Striped Bass

With the fall weather I have been guiding a lot more bass fishing trips, hence the lack of Striper reports. However I am still offering the trips!

Last week I went out with a fun group of guys who had never caught a Striped Bass before!

Lately the bite has been kind of strange. What I mean by that is that we get a lot of short strikes. The Striper will hit the bait and run, then drop it. Earlier in the summer I noticed that they would swallow it and take off like a tuna. I have started using some stinger treble hooks to combat this, but it does limit the baits mobility, so I try to avoid that.

Also, the bite has been a lot later. Around 10:30PM is when the bite has been picking up. During this trip were were marking small schools of Striper here and there. Then finally while moving around we stumbled on the MEGA school! I wish I had taken a photo of the Lowrance, but the screen looked like lasagna. haha There must have been over a hundred fish under the boat. Unfortunately they were on the move and were gone quickly, but not before hooking up with a nice double!

We also had a lot of missed bites and fish that pulled the hook. We had several on that we were fighting, and some how the hook just popped out... but hey thats fishing. We also caught several catfish that evening.

Lake Travis Striper

All in all it was a really fun trip, and I enjoyed the group I took out! If you are thinking about doing some fishing, give me a call. Right now my bass trips are picking back up. If you are an experienced angler but want to hone your skills and learn a bit more about fishing the lakes in Central Texas, book a trip! I can be a wealth of knowledge and I am an open book with paid clients, I will answer any questions, show you all my spots, and teach you tricks I don't publicize on my social media or website!

Tight lines!

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