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Lake Decker is Hot Right Now!

Well with Lake Travis still closed and me being out of town for a wedding, its been a little while since I have updated the reports. Due to the lake closures two of my trips opted to try another lake rather than reschedule. We decided to fish Walter E. Long Lake aka Lake Decker on the east side of Austin.

Lake Decker is a power plant lake and is full of healthy grass and surrounded by tules. If you like fishing a frog or flipping reeds, this can be an amazing place to fish when the conditions are right.

This weekend the bite was best first thing in the morning. The afternoon warmth brought a north wind that hurt the bite a bit, so taking advantage of the early morning was crucial. We started with a dropshot and a neko rig and stuck with that most of the day. We did toss around a Texas rigged senko and caught a few larger fish with it, but the drop shot seemed to be what they wanted.

Decker has some solid fish in it and my clients were rewarded with some nice fish! It was my client's 8 year old son's first time bass fishing. He did really well! By the end of the day he was casting on his own, setting the hook by himself, and fighting the fish in. No joke he out fished his dad!!

If you have kids, book a trip! Anglers 5 years old or older are encouraged to come. Start them young and you'll have a fishing buddy for life... only downside is they'll steal your tackle... sorry Dad!

Lake Travis is supposed to be open back up this Tuesday... when it does I will be out on the lake to scout all the newly flooded brush. If you've been thinking about wanting to fish Lake Travis, this is the time to do it before Winter! There is a ton of new cover that the bass will move up into, and it can be a ton of fun to fish.

If you are looking for a fishing guide in Austin, Texas give me a call or book online.

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