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November 21, 2018 Lake Travis Report

Austin Fishing Guide- Bass client caught

I try my best to keep y'all up to date with how the local Austin lakes are fishing. If you haven't figured it out by now, my specialty to guide on is Lake Travis! I had a guided trip with a grandpa and his grandson. The weather ended up being perfect, and we timed it just right. By the time we got off the water it had started to sprinkle just a little.

Its been chilly lately but don't let that deter you from fishing. Layer up, bring gloves and a beanie and hit the water. The only time you really feel cold is when you're running across that lake. With a little sun out you warm right up... another thing to note, when that sun is out the fish have been feeding better. Often times a little change in weather during your day will make a big difference in how many bites you get. If you've ever noticed you caught a few fish after the wind picked up, or the clouds rolled in, or you got sprinkled on... those changes in barometric pressure and light have a big impact on largemouth bass.

We started out our day hitting main lake points, 15-25' is the key depth. We also had a lot of success fishing rock piles in 15- 20 feet of water. This time of year I find less fish bunched up in large schools, that's not to say they don't still do it though! Check out my fish finder... we graphed a secondary point that has some rock piles on it. Sure enough there were quite a few fish stacked up on this one boulder... the kind of thing you dream of finding as a guide.

Bass on a rock pile

I throw a lot of red colored worms on Travis.... red bug, red bug shad, Carolina craw, and tomato are some of my favorite colors. With the water still stained from the recent flooding I have found pumpkin and pumpkin black flake have been working much better. I think that darker silhouette stands out better against the muddy water and is easier for the bass to key in on. We threw these on a drop shot which caught us most of our fish. First fish of the day was a really nice fish Thanos caught. He backed that up with another big fish about 5 casts later! He was kicking his grandpa's butt for a little while!

These fish were caught off a steep point that has some brush around it. That little bit of brush seems to be key for those bigger fish. Use your side scan to find stuff like this!

Sorry can't give y'all all my spots!

Thanos was killing it but his grandpa made a comeback and landed the big fish of the day on a Ned rig! For my beginner clients we solely use spinning rods as they are much easier to cast. Ned rigs, drop shots, and Keitech's are my bred and butter for spinning gear.

Austin bass fishing

If you are in Austin and are looking for a fishing guide and want to learn a few new tricks and improve your skills give me a shout. If you are proficient with a bait casting reel and can cast accurately there is a lot more we can do and more I can teach you!

For Lake Travis, Lake LBJ, Lake Bastrop, and Lake Decker give me a shout and lets put you on some fish!

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