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December 4, 2018 Lake Travis Report

I have a full day trip booked tomorrow, so I wanted to hit the lake today to do a little scouting and check on a couple of patterns. My buddy Justin came with me and we bounced around the lower end of Lake Travis. The water is still very stained, more so that I expected it to be. (There is a lot of rain in the forecast too, so that't won't help)

I've said it before in my reports... but alway pay attention to where you get your bites and your surroundings on the lake.

When we pulled up to our first spot I got all my rods out of the rod locker. On accident the hatch slammed, and as it did about 50 thread fin shad jumped out of the water next to the bank. Bingo! This keyed me in on throwing shad imitation baits all day... I pretty much threw two baits, a white colored swim jig and an Alabama rig. Anywhere there was brush I would throw the jig, and off the points or rocky walls that didn't have much cover to get hung up in I threw the A rig. I had one big bass slam the swim jig but missed the hook! We caught plenty of keepers but nothing huge.

I did catch one monster white bass that got me excited for a second! Right now the bite on Lake Travis is very good, if you are considering a trip I would book asap before the weather changes too much! There is rain in the forecast, so I will post another report after I fish then.

If you are in Austin and are looking for a fishing guide give me a shout and let's get on the water!

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