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Lake Travis Fishing Report- December 5, 2018

Austin Fishing Guide

Today I had a full day trip with Brant out on Lake Travis. Brant wasn't new to fishing, but was getting back into it and getting serious about it. He told me he recently bought a new Mako and wanted to learn more to cut down on the learning curve! I love teaching more than anything... any guide can put you on fish, but I enjoy spending the time instructing you on what I am doing, what I am looking for, and advice that will greatly help you the next time you are fishing by yourself.

Austin Fishing Guide

If you read my report from yesterday you know the fishing was great. Today was a slow and steady pick on the largemouth bass, but we never really found a stellar bite. The morning started off hot with our first area producing four fish real quick. We had one hit a topwater popper, but it got off after a short fight.

Most of our day was spent bouncing around the Bee Creek and Rough Hollow area. I started out the day targeting main lake points with shallower flats or ledges adjacent to them. A lot of the point on lake Travis are very rocky and very steep... if you can find the points on your map that have a small area between the point and the creek channel or main lake, those are ideal as they give the fish a staging area to sit on. Alabama rigs did most of the damage today and produced quite a few fish including a Striper.

Austin Fishing Guide Striped Bass

We also hit a lot of shallow brush with the swim jig. We caught a few on this, but not like yesterday. Today however the sun never really came out and it was a lot colder. It stayed overcast and I am positive this hurt the shallow bite. For the last few weeks it seems like the shallow bite is best when the sun is shining warming up the water a little bit.

The last part of the day was spent just showing Brant some new spots. He said he fishes the Cypress and Sandy Creek areas of the lake... which happen to be where I fish all the time! We spent time looking at spots of mine and explaining to him how I fish them, how to set up on them, and what to throw. Even if you are an experienced angler, book a trip and I'll show you spots on the lake I doubt you have fished!

This last photo was a funny one... it was a tiny bass, but the biggest tiny bass we've ever caught! So the back story was that we were fishing a deep brush pile. Brant said "did you see that" as the fish hit the bait, he then set the hook and the fish took off. I though he had a giant the way it was fighting... it turns out it had him wrapped in the brush pile and part of the fight was pulling on wood. haha I helped Brant and we maneuvered the fish out of the brush pile successfully. He brought it to the boat and I had the net ready. Low and behold it was this dink, but we had a good laugh about it.

Austin Fishing Guide Lake Travis

If you can time your trip for a nicer sunny day the bite has been best! My schedule is pretty flexible this time of year so feel free to give me a call if you would like a short notice trip on Lake Travis, Lake Decker, or Bastrop. (I'm happy to guide Lake LBJ, but right now the fishing isn't that great out there... but that's just my two cents)

By the way! I am offering gift certificates right now... perfect for Christmas presents! No expiration date and you can purchase them for $275, my winter rate, and use them anytime of year. Just shoot me a message and I will send you a PayPal link to purchase them, then send you the certificate.

Tight Lines!

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