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Lake LBJ is Fishing Good!

Lake LBJ bag of bass

Yesterday I went back to Lake LBJ to do a little more scouting. I wanted to take advantage of the low water levels to find more rock piles and structure... I actually found quite a bit of stuff I never new existed. Turns out a lot more docks have artificial fish structure and brush piles under them than I thought.

The bite has been pretty good out there. I haven't slayed them by any means, but I've been hooking into some solid fish.

Lake LBJ Fishing Guide

A buddy of mine keyed me into a pattern that helped put a few fish in the boat. I also figured something else out later in the day that put a few more fish in the livewell. For the time being I'm going to keep that pattern to myself out of respect for my friend who put in the time to figure it out. I love taking a picture at the end of the day with a nice stringer of bass. But honestly if its not a tournament I don't like stressing out fish unnecessarily. I have large livewells with aerators and pumps to constantly keep them topped off, but I'm sure it still stresses out the fish.

I caught some decent fish early in the morning, but nothing that truly needed to be in the photos. I was graphing an area with some rockpiles when I cam across a little ledge... maybe 3 feet in depth change. It was not marked on Navionics whatsoever and did not stand out on Lakemaster's maps. Not a ton, but sometimes little sneak holes like that can hold some good fish. I fished it with a dropshot and picked off four solid fish, two on back to back casts!

Through out the day I spent time graphing and trying areas I usually don't fish. My goal is to find 1 new fishing spot every time I go out fun fishing. If I can find 5 new "honey holes" a year I'm doing good. You know the kind I'm talking about... those spots that make it into your tournament milk run that no matter that pattern they always have a few fish on them. I'm not sure about this new little ledge, but its proximity to deep water, a large rockpile, and its depth should set up well.

Austin Fishing Guide

Next week would be a great time to hit LBJ if you want to fish there. Travis is my go to as yall know, but I love LBJ and when its fishing like it is, now is the time to burn the gas and get out there. Book a trip soon!

Oh and check out my new intro video! Let me know in the comments what you think of it.

Tight lines!

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