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Lake LBJ January 15th Report!

Lake LBJ Bass Fishing

We there is a reason Lake LBJ is my favorite lake in Central Texas... its always a blast to fish! Yesterday was no exception!

Now I have to be honest, every fishing trip doesn't always go as planned and we don't always whack them. Yesterday was a grind, most of the morning was a fish here and a fish there with no big ones. We grinded it out and finally in the evening the bite turned on! We had a couple hours where the fishing picked up and totally saved the trip.

I would like to give a huge shout out to my buddy JJ Larson for the on the water advice! Dudes a hammer and consistently does well in local tournaments. He clued me in on a bait to throw that he was smashing them on. I was throwing the same bait that morning but in a different color and they were not having it. Talking with him gave me more confidence in it and keyed me in on the color change.

I also later figured out another pattern that actually ended up putting a lot of our larger fish in the boat. The bite is still great out there, so I'm going to milk it a little longer. But honestly if you are on any fishing forums or Facebook groups you've probably heard what they are hitting... I'll tell you this, throw a moving bait!

Water temp was around 52-54 depending on where in the lake we were and time of day. Water is still very stained but I did find one arm of the lake with some really clear water... should be good when the spawn gets rolling.

Lake LBJ Bass Fishing Guided Trip

The pattern that I discovered that was way different from what JJ was catching them on was shallow rock piles. Now when I say shallow I'm talking 10-18 feet deep... shallow by Lake Travis standards I guess?? haha Anyways, they were tight to the rocks. My client yesterday was James Woods, if you remember my report from a few months ago I mentioned Top Notch Irrigation... we'll that's James company. So if you need irrigation installation, repair, or accent lighting give him a shout! He booked another trip for LBJ so we got out there bright and early.

He wanted to see an example of graphing structure and fish and how to set up on them to catch them. Luckily the fish decided to cooperate! We were throwing a drop shot and working it very slow once we felt the rocks. This produced several good quality fish and really illustrated what I was trying to teach.

Lake LBJ is fishing very good right now... tomorrow Thursday 1/16/19 looks like great weather with a high of 74! I HATE the cold, so this is my kind of weather. I'm going to be fishing with or without you! haha If you would like to get on Lake LBJ and get on this awesome bite I will give $50 off any trip to anyone who books for tomorrow (January 16th). Yesterday keyed me in on several things and I'm confident I can get on them again. There are some big ones being caught right now and its a blast fishing for them right now! Not your typical slow winter fishing by any means.

I'm going to keep those "not so secret" baits out of my report for now. But if you are headed out there soon and are having trouble feel free to shoot me an email through the site or just message me on Instagram, I'm happy to give some advice! If you know of anyone who wants to go fishing and is looking for a good fishing guide I love referrals!

Lake LBJ Sunset

Tight lines everyone!

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