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January 16 & 17th Lake Travis Fishing Report

Lake Travis Fishing Guide

Last week I was busy with a bunch of guided trips, I fished LBJ, Travis, and Decker. Lately not much has changed, we keep getting some warm weather and tease those fish with ideal spawning conditions... then mother natures pulls a fast one and says forget about it. These fronts and cold weather we have been having keeps dropping the lake temps and delaying the spawn.

Lake Travis is still around 54-55 degrees with some backs of coves a little warm... not what I want to see.

With that said, there are definitely fish moving up shallow in pre spawn patterns. I'll keep this short, but the best pattern lately has been focusing on points inside of creek arms and coves. You can find fish staging at the mouths of coves for sure, but you will find more when you move part way back into the creeks. These fish are moving up in preparations for looking for a place to make a bed. These are staging points where the fish will sit in limbo and feed. Once the condition are right you will find them making their way back to warmer spawning flats. This time of year pay attention to the water temp, it has a big effect on these fish. In the coming weeks focus on those secondary points with creek channels close by. The creek channels will act like a high way for transitioning bass. Once the water warms up you will start finding fish up shallow. A chatterbait and a crank bait are great search baits for these fish on the move.

Lake Travis Bass Fishing

Numbers on my last couple trips have been decent, but not like they will be once the water warms up. We are approaching the absolute best time of year to fish. Mark my words, Lake Travis is about to bust lose in a couple of weeks!

If you'd like to get in on the action and learn a little more about bass fishing hit up that book online button and lets get out there!

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