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Lake LBJ Fishing Report- April 11, 2019

Lake LBJ Fishing Guide

Lake LBJ has been heating up lately and the fishing has been good! Yesterday I took out Brian, a really fun client to fish with. He recently purchased a lake house on LBJ as well as a new Phoenix bass boat and wanted to focus on coaching. Learning the lake, learning spots and patterns, baits to throw, why to throw them etc.

We started out fishing main lake grass in the morning since the wind forecast was supposed to be really high. The area around the RV park has a decent amount of grass right now. We marked fish slightly out deeper from the grass but they wouldn't bite. We made a couple moves in the area fishing the grass but made the call to move after not getting any bites.

My best advice to you would be stick to docks and shallow pockets with natural shorelines. (I.E. no houses or boat docks) The best baits of the day were a swimjig, a flipping jig, a weightless fluke and a drop shot. Make long casts at isolated structure on the shoreline. There are plenty of post spawn fish up shallow sunning themselves and will bite if you put a bait in front of their face.

The dock bite has been good as expected. Hands down the #1 way you can guaranteed catch more fish and get better at fishing LBJ is to work on your jig skipping skills. I have found that by being able to put my jig in places most anglers can't reach I get significantly more bites. The right jig and trailer choice as well as proper rod, reel and line greatly help with this! There is no substitute for good form and technique but some jigs will skip better than others and this will make things wayyyyyy easier for you!

If you book a trip we will spend some time going over the proper tackle set ups, which rods are ideal for dock fishing as well as what jigs you should be throwing. I am very picky about this... I even pour, paint, and tie my own jigs for this reason.

The bite is good right now and for anglers who can make those good casts catching a 20# bag or more is very doable. The evening bite has honestly been the best though. I fished with Preston Danna after my trip and had a blast. I won't bore you with the fish stories but we lost some giants. I even had a 6 pounder BREAK the hook on my jig. No joke I thought she spit the hook...nope the hook broke. Ugh!

Lake Travis is also fishing very well, I am headed out there in a couple hours actually. If you are looking for a Austin fishing guide give me a call and lets get you out on the water!

Tight Lines!

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