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6/24/19 Lake Travis Fishing Report- Anyone Want a 1/2 Price Trip?!?

This weekend I was busy again! Three trips this weekend all on Lake Travis.

So quick update on Lake Travis... the PM trips are still fishing the best. The morning trips are fun, but finding schooling fish hitting topwater is getting increasingly tough. Its one of those deals that you have a very small window to find them, and you better get lucky and pick the right part of the lake. I have found them in one area, come back the next morning and they are gone. If you are further up the river they are a little easier to find, but my half day trips just don't have enough time to make a long run up river and still have adequate time to fish.

Those deeper spots are the ticket right now. See my last report too, but not a lot has changed with the deep bite.

My top 3 baits right now are...

1) A drop shot with a 1/4 oz or 3/8 oz weight. (If you are fishing in 20' of less and its not super windy go with the quarter ounce size) I'm still throwing the Red Bug color, but another contender for top color these past trips has been watermelon red with some chartreuse dye on the tail, or even better, some red dye. Several of the bass we caught deep had crawfish antennas sticking up out of their throats.

2) A ned rig... the green pumpkin has been a top producer lately.

3) A watermelon or pumpkin Yamamoto 5" senko on a wacky hook. Fish this around protected coves that have docks sitting in 10' of water or deeper... the more brush around the better.

My trips yesterday evening was especially fun, Claudia, her husband Don, and their son Nick fish from their kayak a lot around the Steiner Ranch area of Lake Austin, but said they have limited success. We fish fro 4-8:30PM and had a blast! All the baits I listed above produced fish. We also got on a good swimbait bite at the end of the day... even fooled a catfish into biting! haha

Thank you again Nick for the awesome review on Yelp.. reviews help me a ton!!

Oh also, on a totally unrelate topic, I was fishing up inside a cove yesterday with some clients. I wish I could have gotten a pic, but in about 12' of water there was a large bush and inside it was a catfish sitting in the branches. No joke, it was the largest catfish I have ever seen on Lake Travis... it was every bit of 60 pounds of bigger. It takes a lot to impress me, but this thing was HUGE!


Every once and a while I have people message me asking if I know of anyone looking to split a trip. This can be a great option to make new friends, get out on the water for a guided trip at half the cost, and have an awesome time! Chuck is a Facebook friend of mine who messaged me a few days ago looking to do this. He is a skilled angler and is pretty flexible to fish on the weekdays.

If you are interested in a weekday trip please shoot me a message. I will put you two in contact and yall can figure out a date that works for you. The focus of the trips will be both coaching on bass fishing as well as just trying to put a mess of fish in the boat!

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