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July 1, 2019 Fishing Report

Lake Travis Bass Fishing

The past three weeks have been super busy, I have only had a couple days off and have been guiding a ton of trips... hence the lack of reports, just too busy to sit down and write.

Today I took the day off and wanted to give yall an update. Lake Travis is fishing surprisingly well for this time of year. Typically during the heat of summer the fish move out deep and can be difficult to catch. If you find a large school of them though, you can wear on them for a while.

I have had quite a few really good trips lately, but yesterday's trip stands out. My plan had been to bounce around to several deep spots I have been finding fish. But when we got out there the conditions just felt right to change things up. I'm a big believer in going with your gut... don't fish spots! Fish the conditions!

We had a nice south wind that set up well on several main lake points on the lower end of the lake. A few of these points I don't typically hit as they are community holes that get hit a lot. However, if you have a steady breeze blowing against them, they can attract a lot of bait fish. Sure enough, I graphed them one time and there were shad everywhere. I saw a few bass on the graph, but remember, if you are fishing rock sometimes the bass won't show up on the graph. If they are tight to the bottom there is no separation for the sonar to tell the difference between a rock and a fish. Knowing the conditions were right though, I opted to fish it.

I was sure glad we did! We easily hooked ten fish off this spot, but lost a few when fighting them. A drop shot was the trick, but I'm sure you know how easy it is to lose fish when you use those small hooks. Red bug was the color of choice for sure!

I have also been finding schooling fish up in the marinas lately, but they can be finicky only eating really small baits. Throw the smallest swimbait you have if you want to get bit. A topwater pop r is also a good choice, but fish it on light line since the fish seem to be line shy.

If you are thinking about getting out on the water and would like to hire a fishing guide in Austin I would love to take you fishing! I have several days open next week!



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