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November Lake Travis Fishing Report

Despite some cold weather we caught over 20 largemouth bass this trip

The bass fishing on Lake Travis has been very good lately! Great numbers of largemouth and Guadalupe bass being caught with several patterns that are producing fish.

Water clarity on Lake Travis is good right now, 6-12 feet visibility depending on which part of the lake you are fishing. Travis is typically very clear so this is common. With rain in the forecast expect the backs of creeks to muddy up a bit.

Water temps are currently around 67-69 degrees, but expect lower temps this next week with the cold front passing through. Temperature drops like this can get the fish more active, so don't be surprised if despite cold air temps you have a great day on the water!

The bass on Lake Travis have made their summer to fall transition. With water temps cooling and several cold fronts having already passed through, most fish have moved up from their deeper summertime homes. Expect to find great numbers of fish up shallow along bluff walls and rocky banks.

Secondary points can also be good depending on the depth. These fish no longer have the need to be out deep where there is cooler water due to the surface temps dropping. Finding schooling fish has also become more consistent, so I recommend keeping a rod with a small 4" Keitech or a small underspin tied on ready to go. When the fish aren't hitting the swimbait as well switch to a clear spook jr. and work it fast. The fast action of the clear bait makes it hard for the fish to identify and decide it's not real. I have found they will hit it as more of a reaction strike and are less discerning about how real it looks.

Like I said, the bass fishing on Lake Travis is good, and I expect it to stay good for at least another month or until the water temps drop into the low 50's. At that point the fish will slow their metabolism's down, however you can still catch them. The methods I use to target them will change however.

When we get a window of good weather I highly recommend getting out there on the water. I have also found some larger fish moving up hitting moving baits and not just plastics, so catching a big one is a possibility right now!

Lake Travis Fishing Guide

If you are looking for a fishing guide in the Austin, Texas area give me a call. I promise to work hard and put you on fish and ensure you have a great time!

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