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December Lake Travis Bass Fishing Report

Lake Travis Bass Fishing Guide

Lake Travis is still fishing really good! Water temps are in the mid 60's depending on which part of the lake you are fishing. Water clarity is decent, but some arms of the lake are still a little stained... not the usual gin clear water Travis is known for.

Still seeing plenty of bait fish out deep in the middle of large coves and creek channels... pay attention to this. Where you find shad you'll find bass!

You can catch good numbers on drop shots and small jigs right now, especially around bluff walls. Pay attention to the weather and fish the conditions. Cloudy/ over cast days its pretty common to find the fish up shallower. Sunny bluebird skies, especially after a cold front the fish have been out deeper further off the rocks. 15-25 feet is a good depth to be targeting on those days. If you are seeing fish up off the bottom on your graph a jerk bait is also a great bait to have tied on.

When its windy, especially if its a warming trend, pick up a crankbait and don't put it down! Medium diving crank baits have been doing the most damage for my client's this past week. Check out the latest tutorial video on my website for some tips on bait selection and the best way to fish those crankbaits right now.

If you are venturing out there on your own, consider checking out my honey hole report on The pins from this week are all still producing fish, but Thursday there will be an all new set of pins I just uploaded that will be killer with the way the forecast is looking!

If you are looking to book a fishing guide in Austin, give me a shout! My specialty is Lake Travis and I would love to show you what I know about the lake!

Good luck out there!

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