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Mid December Lake Travis Fishing Report

Lake Travis Fishing Guide

Austin Fishing Guide: Lake Travis Fishing Report Tips

Lately I have been very busy, and with the weekly report I write for Lake Pro Guides I sometimes neglect to update this report as often as I used to. I am going to make it a point to keep this updated weekly too, so please keep checking back!

I was out several times last week and the bite has actually been good. I went out Thursday with another buddy of mine and things started off fun... couple bass on the jig and a big striper on a swimbait... all was great until my motor died. But not to worry, Parker Marine took great care of me and my boat is back in the garage ready to go. Turns out my starter went out, so a quick swap with a new part and we are back up and running.

If you are headed out to Lake Travis soon... A few things I would recommend... days with a warming trend (I.E. when there is a south wind and the weather after a cold front has stabilized and starts to warm up) throwing moving baits. A Storm wiggle wart has been one of the best for me, pay attention to where the wind is blowing and which rock is getting the most direct sunlight. Rock absorbs heat, and even a one degree temp difference will attract fish. Alabama rigs have also been doing really well. A 1/2 ounce football jig is also a great bait to throw and it has been what I have been getting my bigger bites on. Browns and oranges are my go to colors on Travis, but as the water gets colder mix in some more black and red in the skirt. Side note: I'm planning on putting out my crawfish trap this week and seeing if I can get a couple crawfish to take photos of to update y'all on their color right now.

Big Lake Travis Striper

On colder days when there are blue bird skies the bite can be a little tougher, so this is when I've been switching clients over to a drop shot or a shaky head. Target those 10-25 foot banks and points since those fish will be positioned a little deeper. That football jig is also good but I fish it slower and switch to a chunk trailer. Slow down with your presentation and when you find fish work the area very thoroughly.

I have this Friday open! If you are interested in getting out on the water before the holiday season consumes you and you can't get away let's go fishing! Feel free to give me a call or book online.

Tight Lines,


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