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Father/ Son Fishing Trips- Lake Travis Fishing Guide

Lake Travis Fishing Report- December 2019

The past two days I have had father/ son fishing trips. As I have said before, I love fishing with kids. I enjoy watching their excitement when they catch a fish all on their own. Children always get more excited to catch a fish than an adult and I think that's awesome.

Saturday's trip was a birthday present to 10 year old Ben. His father and brother joined him on the trip. For these trips I always begin the trip spending ample time explaining the fundamentals of casting, tips on improving distance and accuracy, and explaining in simple terms how to work a bait. Lately there are several baits that are producing, but for ease of use when fishing with beginners, its hard to beat a dropshot. After about 15 minutes of instruction both the boys were casting on their own and getting their bait nice and close to the rocks. Really quickly they picked up on how to stop your cast mid flight if its going too far, how to watch the line to tell when the sinker has hit the bottom, and how to tell the difference between hitting a rock and getting a bite.

After a long day I lost exact count but we caught over 25 fish with fairly steady action. We had a little lull around mid day, but I pride myself on putting clients on fish. So after a little graphing and changing up baits we got back on them and ended up sticking like 5 fish off this one small stretch of docks in less than 20 minutes.

All in all it was an excellent trip and the boys had a lot of fun!

My trip this evening was another father/ son trip with Kevin and his son Kevin! Just like yesterday we began the trip with a little bit of instruction, but super quick the kiddo had it down. Today's trip was incredible weather with consistent action. They by no mean were chewing the paint off the boat, but we ended the trip with around 20 fish and several others that spit the hook when they jumped.

Lake Travis Largemouth Bass

Ned rigs, chicken rigs, dropshots, and shakey heads have all been working. For trips with kids I tend to stick with finesse baits that are easy to work and easy to hook the fish. If you are more experienced a jig or a crankbait is still an excellent bait choice and will produce a few larger bites.

Austin Fishing Guide

If you are looking to create some memories and spend some time on the water with your son or daughter I would love to help. I am very patient with children and enjoy taking them fishing. Don't take my word for it though.... Google my guide service and read my reviews on Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor, etc. I promise you I am not some grumpy old man with a quick temper! haha

Family Friendly Fishing Guide

While winter time gets a bad reputation for being tough fishing, this warmer winter we have been having has actually kept the fishing solid. If you're interested in booking a trip I have lots of openings after the new year.

If you are looking for an Austin fishing guide please give me a call or book through my convenient online booking calendar!


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