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Austin Fishing Guide- January Lake Decker Fishing Report

Lake Decker Largemouth Bass

Walter E. Long Lake (Lake Decker) Fishing Report

Lake Decker has been fishing well! Right now Lake LBJ is getting all the attention due to the drawdown, however Decker is a great lake to fish during the winter.

I like to stay current on all the lakes I guide, lately I have been spending most of my time on Lake Travis and Lake LBJ, so I decided to get out to Decker just to give it a shot and see if it was producing. I hit the lake with my friend John just for an evening session. Winds were pretty strong... probably 12-15 miles per hour, water clarity was around 2 feet, and air temps were in the high 60's. All in all not a bad day as long as your trolling motor has spot lock. haha

Check out this video from this fishing trip on Decker!

There were three baits we threw that produced all the fish:

  • Chatterbait

  • Lipless crankbait

  • Squarebill crankbait

A green pumpkin chatter bait with a menace grub or a rage craw was best. I like a littler heavier bait like 1/2 ounce when its windy like that. Fish it on a stiffer rod with at least 15 pound test or braid. You will feel it get caught in the grass, when it does just rip it free. This ripping motion will trigger bites. This goes for all the baits listed above. Obviously they won't run properly if there is grass on them.

For the lipless I threw a classic Rayburn red trap. I like the Booyah one knocker or the Strike King red eye shad.

For the crankbait I was throwing an orange squarebill. I like Strike king 1.5 and Excalibur crankbaits

Boat Flippin' Bass!

If you are local to Austin or just visiting, Lake Decker is only about 20 minutes from downtown on the east side of town. If you'd like to fish while you are here in Austin this is a great choice and a nice change up from Lake Travis.

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