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Lake Travis Fishing Report- May 19, 2019

Lake Travis Double

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of taking Caleb and his son Clayton out on Lake Travis. Some of my favorite trips are when parents bring their kids with... watching them hook and land a fish all by themselves is awesome.

The fishing is still very good on Lake Travis. If you are considering a trip I highly recommend in getting out there within the next 3 weeks. Once it starts to get hot and the boat traffic gets heavy on the weekends, the bite tends to only be good in the morning and evening. After about 10AM that bite dies off heavily and the fish get lethargic.

Lake Travis Catfish

Yesterday that was not the case. We started by running up into Sandy Creek and trying a couple spots. The first area we hit definitely didn't lack fish. They were busting the surface all around us, we probably saw over 100 fish jump. Despite this the bite was tough, we caught one that spit up shad but they were super tiny shad, like less than an inch long. Those small Keitech swimbaits I talk about work great, but even those were slightly too big for those fish. I have a few idea how to get them to bite, so stay tuned and I will report back if I can trick them into eating a lure.

The morning was very cloudy and humid out, but around 8:30am the sun peaked out and the bite turned on. We bounced around to several spots I have been finding schooling fish and it was a steady pick through out the day. The combination of the sun coming out and a little bit of wind really turned on the bite and made the trip! We had a blast after that!

A couple tips for you... if you are out there early start with a moving bait. I personally like to throw a little larger swimbaits like a big Keitech Fat Swing Impact, a Heddon spook, an underspin, or a chrome rattle trap. With the fish being more active early you can get away messing around with the moving bait of your choice.

Once it gets a little later in the morning I have been throwing two things... a 4" Keitech Easy shiner on a small lead head, and an Alabama rig. I like to fish them fairly slow, but something I have noticed is that every once and a while you'll have a problem with the fish biting the bait and missing it, or biting off the tail. Speed up your retrieve and don't give those fish a chance to really look at the bait before hitting it.

You can get bit fishing jigs and plastics too, but right now while the shad are doing their thing the moving bait bite is way more productive.

Father and Son with a few bass

If you are considering a fishing guide in Austin give me a call. Lake Travis is fishing well and I would love to put you on some fish! My cell is 512-910-7255 give me a call.


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