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November Lake Travis Fishing Report- Fall Fishing Tips

November Fishing on Lake Travis

November is one of my favorite months to fish Lake Travis! Fall is finally here and the water temps are down int

o the mid 70’s and will continue to get colder with these shorter days and chillier nights. With the water cooling the bass’ metabolisms will speed up and they will get more active. This translates into catching more fish, bigger bass, and being able to throw more moving baits.

Where to Look For Bass

Largemouth Bass are going to start moving up into coves to continue feeding on baitfish. This time of year I will focus on points and ledges close to the mouth of coves. I will also start moving up further and further into the backs of coves as it cools down. As of right now, I have been doing best targeting the points at the entrance to coves and fishing as far back as about halfway into the coves. As it gets colder I will continue going further and further into the backs of coves.

The reason for this is due to the water temperature. The backs of coves will stay slightly warmer than the deep part of the main lake. This allows the plankton in the lake to bloom longer. This is the bottom of the food chain and what species like threadfin shad eat. Predator species like bass will move into the coves to follow their food source. During the fall bass eat a lot of shad, however they still continue to feed on bluegill and crawfish.