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October 28, 2023 - Lake Travis Fishing Report

November is almost here and is always a great month for fishing here in Central Texas, especially right here in Lake Travis. While the boat ramp situation is still problematic the recent rains are bringing the lake level up. There are some private boat ramps open and I’m optimistic Pace Bend’s Tournament Point ramp may reopen. Fall brings cooler temps which as y’all know is key to getting those fish more active. My recent trips have not only been catching good numbers, but also good size. I’ve had quite a few bass up to 5 lbs in the net!

If you are heading out there, there are two main patterns I would recommend you fish.

Topwater: Currently the topwater bite is on fire. If you can time it to be out on the lake when there is some wind and overcast conditions those fish will get up shallow to feed. Poppers and spooks in shad patterns have been the ticket. You want to be targeting areas where the wind is hitting and where there is structure in the water. Whether it’s grass or rock there needs to be something for those bass to hide around while they wait to ambush prey. Visually looking in the water for rocks, anchor blocks, stumps, or ledges is helpful in deciding where to cast.

During early fall the fish feed heavily on shad, so stick with those shad imitation patterns. Later in the fall the bass will start feeding more heavily on crawfish. We aren’t quite there yet, colors like bone, chrome, and sexy shad are all good options. When working your bait make sure you are incorporating a lot of pauses into your retrieve. During my last several trips it has been very obvious the fish want the bait presented with a lot of stops and starts.

Crankbaits: On some days depending on the conditions the fish don’t always seem to want to come to the surface to bite. That’s when I recommend a squarebill or medium diving crank. Select the bait most appropriate to the depth you are fishing. I typically will have multiple crankbait rods on the deck of my boat in order to alternate between them as I move down the bank. A 6th Sense Crush 50X and a 6th Sense Flat 75X have been two of my go to baits recently.

As far as color I change this up a lot. I mostly stick to shad patterns but with the recent rain and cloudy days sometimes a pattern with a lot of chartreuse in it works well. That rain and runoff causes the water to get a little muddy and that bright yellow stands out. Fish these baits with an erratic retrieve with lots of stops and starts. You are trying to trigger those reaction bites!

With the cooler temps and the lack of boat traffic on Travis, the fishing has been very enjoyable and relaxing. If you would like to learn more about catching them on your own or just want to be put on the fish consider booking a trip with me! I’ve been guiding full time on Lake Travis for 6+ years and would love to get you out on the water!


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