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Stuck a big one!!!

Last week I went out with Phil, one of my regular clients, on his brand new Legend. The focus of the trip was where to look for bass during the summer, how to find them on the graph, and how to set up on them to effectively try to catch them.

Phil has two Gen 2 Helix 10's on this boat. Last trip we adjusted the settings to get a clearer picture, this trip we put them to use! We caught quite a few fish throughout the day, most coming off of a Texas rig or a drop shot.

I was having a great time and lost track of time and we ended up staying on the water way longer than usual. It was a good thing we did... I took my client to one of my "Big Fish" spots. You know what I'm talking about... that place that you don't always load the boat on, but you usually stick one big one. Well we went there and it paid off. We did not have a scale, but this fish was bulky! My guess was 6+ LBS, and talk about a fight! I still can not believe this fish did not break the line. She rubbed my up against all kinds of cables and metal underwater. When I landed her the line felt like sandpaper... later that night while retying gear I pulled on the line and it snapped easily... I got lucky on that fish!

If you would like to learn how to fish Lake Travis more effectively, or are just wanting to get out on the water and catch a bunch, give me a shout!

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