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Torwick's Guiding Service's Mascot!

Skeeter bass fishing on Lake LBJ

Anytime we are on the water (or go somewhere for that matter) I always get TON's of comments about my dog! Whenever I am not guiding he comes with me, he loves the boat, loves to sniff the fish, and is the best fishing partner you could ask for! (He's kind of cheap though... never once has he offered to chip in for gas)

Looking back making sure I am watching the graph for fish!

Since people always ask about him, I figured I would write a post about him on the blog! My dog's name is Skeeter!... yep you guessed it, named after my favorite brand of boat. (My mom own's his brother and his name is Ranger haha) Skeeter is a pure bred Great Dane. His father sired more world grand champion Danes than any other male Dane in U.S. dog shows. Not only is he a handsome Dane, he loves to fish! We have an agreement... I catch them, he sniffs them.

My dog keeping an eye out for schooling fish in choppy water

Skeeter is about a year and a half old and weighs about 140 LBS. If you ever see us at the boat ramp, don't hesitate to come say hi. He is literally the friendliest dog ever! I take him fishing out out on Lake Travis and Lake LBJ all the time. He is very well trained, as soon as I let him out of the truck at the ramp he runs to the boat. When I say "load" he jumps in the boat and waits for me. When we are getting ready to move spots I rev the hot foot a little bit and he immediately comes down to the cockpit or sits on the seats and gets ready to go. When we fish at night he will lay across the seat and put his head on my lap. He likes when I cover his eyes with his floppy ears to keep them from hitting him. Even in pitch black doing 50+MPH he just lays there on my lap and trusts me.

Skeeter letting me know there is a good fishing spot nearby

Being a fishing guide I naturally spend a lot of time on the water. Austin is a very dog friendly city so I take him just about everywhere I go, especially the lake!

Skeeter sniffing a Lake Travis bass

While there may not be enough room in the boat for me, Skeeter, and your group... do know, by booking a trip with me you are helping to fund his food bill! (Which isn't cheap! haha)

If you are looking for a fishing guide in Austin, Texas and want to fish Lake Travis, Lake LBJ, or Lake Bastrop give me a shout! I have several open days this weekend and next week and would love to put you on some fish!

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