Lake LBJ Monster!!

September 25, 2018



I've been busy Striper fishing on Lake Travis lately, which is a blast, but I needed to get back to my favorite thing.. bass fishing!


This past Sunday I had a cancelation which opened up my day. Rachel and I decided to head out to LBJ and look around since its been a little while since I have been out there. The last time I was out there I stumbled upon the ultimate brush pile! It was super hot that day and I didn't get to fish it very long since my dog was getting super hot. 


Sunday I pulled up on it and it was LOADED! Schools of shad, Crappie, and bass... big bass! I threw a few lures at it and hooked one on a dropshot... nothing worth photos. I left and tried some other water with the plan of coming back to that brush pile later in the day. That was a good idea! Watch the video and see why!


One of my specialities is that I love using electronics to find fish! There are a ton of great guides in this area, but none of them have the electronic set up that I do. I have my boat rigged for offshore fishing and picking apart offshore structure. If you would like to learn bass fishing from a different approach, give me a call and book a trip!


Tight Lines!



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