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35 Bass by 11AM!

Lake Travis Bass Fishing

If you keep up with my reports you've probably heard me say the bass fishing is picking up. Well it certainly is!

Earlier this week I had a father and son come out on Lake Travis to do a little bass fishing. Both clients were skilled anglers, but mostly fished for catfish. After a few minutes of instruction they got back in the swing of things and were casting like pros.

We started off in Bee Creek and worked our way down river. We launched at 7AM and were done a little after 11AM. By the end of the trip they caught about 35 bass. (I may have snuck in a couple casts here or there... so really closer to 40 fish between the three of us haha)

Lake Travis Bass Fishing

Every spot we hit produced fish! The best baits were a drop shot with a trick worm, something with some red or watermelon in it is working well. If you are fishing the lower end of the lake where it is a bit more clear, something with purple in it has been good. Right now the upper part of Travis is slightly stained from all the run off, but still very clear by Texas standards.

Another rig I highly recommend is a VMC 1/0 Neko hook... I have yet to loose a fish on these! They are super sharp and have a long hook shank allowing for good hook sets. I use a trick worm with half a nail weight in the nose, then wacky rig it. (A neko rig is basically the same thing, but with an O ring and a special neko weight... aka just a marketing ploy to get you to buy more tackle you don't need haha) I hate using O rings and trick worms are cheap, so don't worry about losing one here and there when the fish shakes off the worm. But this has been producing some really good fish lately.

I have been fishing suspended fish off some ledges, and this has been the best thing for them. You can fish it slower than a swimbait, and keep it in the strike zone longer. Obviously you can do this with any hook, but I'm telling you this hook is perfect! (I am not sponsored by them, and honestly I mostly use Trokar hooks.... but I do love these things)

Lake Travis Launch Ramp

I have one other secret bait that has been working really well, but I'll save that one for the paying customers! hehe ;) Right now Travis is fishing well and you can catch fish a number of ways. I am still finding good schools offshore, but there are plenty of fish up shallow.

If you are looking for a fishing guide on Lake Travis or Lake LBJ give me a shout. Lets book a trip and get you on some nice fish!

Tight Lines!

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