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Another Great Day on Decker!

I guided on Lake Decker here in Austin two days in a row. The bite stayed the same with a drop shot putting the majority of the fish in the boat. I tried all colors of worms and a pumpkin trick worm worked the best. Now I'm not always a believer scent makes a huge difference, but towards the end of the trip the bite had slowed way down. After pulling up on a school of fish I graphed, I sprayed some crawfish flavored Bang on the worms and within three casts my clients caught two fish. We ended up catching 6 fish out of that one spot... it may have been the school was in a feeding mood, but the scent certainly did not hurt.

We also tried fishing a frog for a bit... no luck. If you threw it first thing in the AM I think you might have more luck, but worms worked for us so we stuck with it.

Usually I don't like driving to Decker since I live so close to Lake Travis and know it like the back of my hand. However the last few days on Decker have produced some really nice fish and I'm starting to love what is a little gem in Austin, Texas. Its a tiny lake by comparison, but everyone on the lake seems friendly and shares the water. If you are a kayak angler it is the perfect place, its just the right size for kayaks and the type of fishing it offers is great for that.

My clients were in town from New York here visiting UT on a college tour... hopefully the good fishing helps their decision!

If you are looking for a professional fishing guide in Austin, TX give me a call. I specialize in Lake Travis, Lake LBJ, Lake Bastrop... and Lake Decker!!!

Tight Lines

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