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Saturday November 24, 2018 Lake Travis Report

If you live here in Austin you know the weather has been decently lately for fall. Warmer days have helped with the bite, as I noticed the other week when it was freezing out the fish tended to bite best when the sun would come out. So what can this tell you?

Lately the pattern for me has been rocky points. Rock and concrete hold warmth better than mud or sand. This is part of the reason that fish favor that as the water starts to cool as winter approaches. I had a trip last Saturday with an awesome couple from Fort Worth who were in Austin staying at the Lakeway Resort. We met up bright and early for a half day trip on Lake Travis. It was a little chilly while driving across the lake, but the weather the rest of the day was beautiful.

I never sugar coat things for you guys... the fishing was tough that day. I believe the high barometric pressure played a role in it, but after all fishing is fishing. We did manage to catch a few fish and make a decent trip out of it! Key baits were a drop shot with a bright colored worm, green pumpkin was not getting bit, I also noticed that scent seemed to help. The other bait that produced a few of our fish was a 1/4 oz shaky head with a Zoom speed craw on it.

If you are out on the lake find main lake points or rocky points around the middle of a cove, going all the way in the backs of coves isn't going to produce as many fish unless you are targeting a shallow pattern.

I have a full day trip booked in the morning so I will report back then and let y'all know what I find!

Oh, and if you have friends or family that love fishing, I am offering gift certificates for guided trips as Christmas presents! Bonus!!! The $25 off special still applies and they have no expiration date! Heck, purchase one now for yourself and save it for next spring when the spawn is on and the weather warms up! If you are looking for a fishing guide in Austin, TX look no further!

Tight lines!

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