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December 27, 2018 Lake Travis Report

Lake Travis double

I hope everyone reading had a great Christmas and lots of quality time with your family. I was out of town in San Diego for the holidays, but got back in time for my trip with some fun clients from New York on Thursday.

We started the trip bright and early out of Mansfield Dam on the lower end of Lake Travis. My client's didn't have a ton of fishing experience so the game plan was to teach them a couple different techniques that are effective year round and to catch as many fish as possible!

Most of the day we threw dropshots with a 3/8th oz weight and a Zoom trick worm, a 1/5 oz Ned Rig in PB&J and Green Pumpkin, and a Shakey head with wither a Zoom trick worm or Speed Craw. All these techniques can be thrown on spinning gear and will get bit anytime of year. Right now the water is cold... around 56-57 degrees and still pretty stained from the flooding.

Her first Lake Travis bass

If you are getting out there soon, I would also recommend an Alabama Rig, I really like small Keitech Easy Shiner swimbaits this time of year since those bass are chasing the small threadfin shad that are up shallow right now. I also have been doing well with a Megabass 110 +1 Jerbait with long pauses. And of course throw a jig! A brown and black or black and blue jig always produce this time of year. Since my clients couldn't cast bait casters we stuck with the aforementioned baits.

Rocky points mid cove proved to be the best areas for us. The mouths of big coves produced a few fish, but going a little further back produced more fish. We ended the day with good numbers, but no big ones.

Nice Ned Rig Lake Travis Bass

I have several openings this week and with the lousy weather passing soon, the fish should start stacking up together and make for some fun fishing!

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