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Lake LBJ is Still Fishing Great! (Feb 6, 2019)

Lake LBJ Fishing Guide

Yesterday Ander and I hit Lake LBJ in his boat. We were trying to cover water and keep checking out the lake while its low. This is a great time to scout the lake and find brush and rock piles that normally would be underwater, that you would need electronics to see.

The fish are definitely pre spawn, no doubt about that. We have had some warm weather this week and the lake is in a warming trend. I saw coves with water as warm as 65 degrees! Most of the main like in in the high 50's though. Fall through early spring is one of my favorite times to throw red and orange baits. Red traps, red or orange square bills, and red spinner baits are some of my favorite moving baits to throw.

Yesterday we did most of our work with a red or orange 1.5 squarebill. One thing we noticed though was that the majority of fish were only hooked by the back hook. Typically this means the fish are not fully committing to the bait, otherwise you would catch more fish with the entire bait in their mouth or at least with both trebles stuck in their face. Typically there are two... kind of three, things I will do to help with this, change color is usually the first. Yesterday however I tried some other colors and I got more bites on the red and orange baits. Next thing I will do is switch size of baits, either up size or downsize... a 2.5 KVD or a larger 6th Sense crush is a great bait to up to. Lastly, the "kind of" third thing I do is switch out the back hook for a larger stronger treble hook. One size larger treble hook usually won't affect the baits action too much, but make a couple short practice casts and watch out the bait moves in the water. I'm a big fan of some sharp Gamakatsu hooks, but honestly anything other than the stock hooks is an upgrade. (At last for Strike King, their hooks are too thin in my opinion)

My friend Ander with a giant!

This time of year you should be looking for pre spawn areas. Funnel points such as the two points that lead into a canal or cover are good. This is a great place to start, but keep an eye on water temp. This time of year fish are sensitive to water temperature and favor warmer water. Shallow spawning flats will always warm quicker than deep coves... think about it, there is so much more water to warm up. Look for really wide contour lines on your graph when looking for spots. Typically these kinds of coves will warm the fastest and attract fish. Experiment with moving baits and throw jigs at isolated cover you find.

The next couple of months are my favorite time of year to fish. I absolutely hate the cold and am looking forward to some warm weather and the fish to start spawning! I know I always say this, but hit up my calendar now and find a date that works for you! Spring time is my busy season and if you want a Friday or weekend trip you'd be wise to book in advance. Lake Travis will also be picking up soon... once those water temps rise a few more degrees that lake is going to bust loose!

Tight lines!

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