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Catch a Striper on Lake Travis on an Artificial Bait: Mission Accomplished!

Lake Travis Striper

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Tom, a talented angler from here in Lakeway who loves Striper, Hybrid, and White Bass fishing. Tom told me him and a friend own a boat up in Dallas and fish up that way a lot as well. He's been fishing Lake Travis for about 5 years and said he's never seen anyone target Striper and successfully catch them.

I'll be honest, a few years ago I felt the same way. I felt like Lake Travis' population of Striper were very elusive. What I also find interesting about them is that their behavior on Travis is so much differernt that that of other lakes known for Striper fishing. Take Buchanan or Canyon Lake, both very similar lakes in this area, both known for Striper fishing. There it's common certain times of the year to catch them on top water, under birds working bait, or consistently in certain areas of the lake. With the exception of the summertime, Travis fish do not behave this way. Maybe Travis doesn't have as big of a population, or maybe its just that its more of a deep river system, either way, they can be tricky to catch.

Striped Bass

If you watch my reports, you probably saw all those reports I put up last summer. During the hottest months of the year the Striper move into the basin area of the lake and school. I have developed a very effective system for finding them and catching them... but that's summer time. The rest of the year they move up and down the river channel and stay deep and are very nomadic. While Largemouth bass are my favorite, you can't argue Striper are way more fun to fight! I have spent some time since last year experimenting with ways to target these fish when they are not in the basin. But more uniquely I have tried figuring out how to catch them on artificials.

Striper on a swimbait

I have a Skeeter bass boat, so naturally I am not rigged with down riggers, a thumping machine, rod holders, or a specialized bait tank for shad. I've adapted my bass tackle and techniques for these fish... I mean they are a species of bass right!? I don't want to give away my secrets (ok maybe they're not that secret but still) but I catch them on swimbaits... Keitech easy shiners and fat swing impacts work great. The 3:16 Rising Sons and Mission Fish are also excellent baits to throw, but they are a little on the spendy side, and those Striper tear them up quickly.

Double on the A rig!

If you are interested in learning a way you can target them for the rest of the year. (And catch some big largemouths too... yeah those "trash fish" haha are by-catch doing this method) give me a call! I would love to get you out on the water and show you my methods. Keep in mind Travis isn't the Striper fishery some other lakes are, but if you live in the area wouldn't it be cool to know how to catch them in your own backyard. I also feel like the grade of fish on Lake Travis is better than the other lakes... you kind of trade quality for quantity!

Lake Travis Fishing Guide

I am booked until next Monday, but after that I have Tuesday and Wednesday open! Give me a shout or just click that book online button!

Tight Lines everybody!

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